Titan Hunters is not just a game, it's a Guniverse!

Many of us are big fans of games like League Of Legends, DOTA 2, PUBG, or Fortnite, which most people have played for many years, not just weeks or months. Our dream is to create games with such longevity. Besides, we want to build games that almost everyone can play. As a result, the core pillars of the development would be gameplay and community. We believe in the power of simple & fun gameplay. Many of us even long for the golden days of social network gaming when games were all about connecting people. When coming to the community, players have more exciting experiences with their friends and other people.

Today, Blockchain technology can make community building in gaming more real when players realize the true value of the beloved items and bring them into other games or even the real world. Your parents would no longer yell at you for wasting your time on games since they create actual values through your NFTs and their market values now. Blockchain technology helps to give the foundation of game metaverses, where a game can level up to a game universe (we call it Guniverse) with multiple worlds/games. As a result, players can use their assets to continue playing different games, events, or social activities without the prospect of boredom or burnout since the Guniverse is getting bigger and more updated along with the creative minds that keep contributing every day.

Our vision is to bring our Guniverse to mobile players for making our games to be worth your time.

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