Free 2 Play

Fun and safe environment ever in NFT Gaming Space.

Building massive communities and achieving mass adoption is very important. Therefore, our team attempts to recreate this proven business model from Mainstream Mobile Games into the NFT space. Titan Hunters removes barriers of initial payment, investment in in-game tokens, complicated gameplay, and high-skill requirement. We focus on achieving four FREE criteria:

  • FREE 2 Play: Paying money, either in crypto or fiat, for a game that you're never played can be a huge risk and big waste of your money.

  • FREE 2 Get In: A lot of NFT gamers take risks to invest their money in projects that are not potential and scammed. The hope of a quick return causes those game tokens to gain value in a short term. As a result, Titan Hunters provides a safe and healthy environment where you can start playing and learning before investing money in exactly what you want.

  • FREE 2 Understand: Titan Hunters help non-crypto users to have an in-depth understanding of the power of NFT through our community channels. Hence, they can evaluate the actual value of their NFT items inside and outside the game.

  • FREE 2 Have Fun: Titan Hunters won't charge for relaxing and fun moments which you receive in the Guniverse.

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