NFT Items

In Titan Hunters, Every items can be a NFT

  • 6 gears with diversity mixer:

    • Every gear has 1 main stat and 3 random sub-stats gernerated from: Power, Defend, Attack speed, Hit-point, Crit-rate, Crit-dmg

    • Every gear has a passive skill randomize picked from more than 40 skills

    • We can combine 2-4 items for some gear set, each gear set will have a bonus stats or a special bonus for player

  • Body of main character will contain all 6 stats: Power, Defend, Attack speed, Hit-point, Crit-rate, Crit-dmg. This can only be summoned by $TITA

  • Guns:

    • 12 types of gun with 12 different ways of fire

    • Every gun has 1 element randomized from: Fire, Water, Plant, Dark, Light

    • Guns have their own stats distinguished with Gears: Damage, Accuracy, Durability, Speed, Range, Repair

  • Charm: This contains a special active skill with destroyable ability

  • Every items mentioned can be obtained in 3 ways:

    • Crafting and Audit: With in-game materials and coins, you can create an item by crafting, it will be locked after crafted, you need 1 more step using $TITA to audit the item, make it a NFTs

    • Summon: Chests from Titan Hunters contain NFTs, you can directly get them by summon these chests

    • You can also buy NFT item from marketplace by $TITA

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