Helping mobile users approaching NFT/Blockchain games

Titan Hunters' mission is to introduce traditional gamers to the concept of NFT ownership.


  • We will need to make Titan Hunters gameplay easily accessible for everyone.

    • As everyone knows, only a few gamers are hardcore, who play high-skill required games (MOBA, Card Battles, FPS…etc.). They might attract a minor number of players to try and also prevent most players from enjoying the gameplay.

    • So, Titan Hunters proposes an alternative game mechanic that suits most mobile game players regardless of demographics due to its simple control:

      • Mobile Control: Use Joystick to Move & Release to Shoot, Tap to Interact & Collect

      • PC: Use Left/Right Mouse to Move & Release to Shoot, Click to Interact & Collect

  • We make Titan Hunters playable on many platforms.

    • As claimed in their press, Axie Infinity, the most popular NFT game right now, has ~1.2M DAUs. However, the top mobile games can easily attract a lot more users. (Ex: Roblox has around 55 million DAUs on mobile, with 48M on Android devices already.) Seeing this huge gap, Titan Hunters targets to onboard as many users as possible from the traditional mobile game audiences to build the biggest community compared to other NFT games.

    • We focus on having the game available on all platforms: PC, iOS & Android. As a result, Titan Hunters can maximize the outreach to potential players regardless of platforms.

  • We reduce the barriers to entry & NFT knowledge requirements for Titan Hunters users.

    • Pricing: Spending money on a product that you've never played is not right! Freemium is still the right thing to do in the long run. Titan Hunters takes it as the core mindset to create an NFT game that users can start playing without any payment, crypto, or fiat. They see & own the in-game items first, then decide to mint them into NFTs if they believe in their value.

    • Onboarding Complications: Playing an NFT game has never been as easy as Titan Hunters when users simply need an account to start playing the game. Titan Hunters players only need to create a native crypto wallet when they want to invest and our system will help them to get through this complicated process. Moreover, Titan Hunters will help to transfer and educate as much knowledge about NFTs as possible. Therefore, users will be ready when they want to activate their wallets and start minting or exchanging NFTs.

To sum up, we create Titan Hunters with the aim to build an easily accessible but high-quality NFT game so everyone can try playing and have fun doing so.

  • Titan Hunters is born to highlight the power of NFT and how it can disrupt the game industry. The whole project is built around the core of the gameplay, the in-game NFTs and the Marketplace.

  • Titan Hunters is hand-crafted from the ground up as a new & unique game. We commit to our users that the Titan Hunters game will grow in both mainstream market and NFT market.

  • Titan Hunters is made by the best mobile game development team in Topebox, which stands behind the super mobile gaming hits as Sky Dancer (Top 1 Game in US & China; Acquired by Bytedance for publishing rights in China; Google Play Editor Choice; and Best Indie Game by Apple) and Gun N Dungeons (incoming Hit Game with backing from Miniclip, a Tencent-owned European game publishing powerhouse with over 1 billion app downloads).

By setting out and achieving these missions, Titan Hunters will have our loyal players, infuse more stickiness to our Guniverse. Most importantly, it helps to fuel the growth of the NFT gaming community through time. We attach great importance to the community and believe that the biggest community of players will result in the greatest game.

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