Target Market

Titan Hunters believe in the power of youth

Titan Hunters focuses on the young, Gen Z/Millennial audience since they possess the greatest energy as the leader of the market and the world in the future.

Target Demographic:


  • Humans are generally social creatures, but Gen Z & Millennials need social connection even more. Their collective interests in connection and cooperation align with the core idea of Titan Hunters in building the Guniverse.

  • This audience has a higher degree of digital savviness. They easily access and leverage social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok… to share and spread their viewpoints and insights about all things including games. These players themselves are basically social influencers. By leveraging their online presence and sharing about Titan Hunters, the community will be able to grow fast.

  • This audience also has a higher degree of openness to new concepts and products. Therefore, they would easily approach and play Titan Hunters for a great opportunity to enjoy an amusing experience and invest to earn real-life value.

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